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Yvonne Szacki, DVM, Owner

Years in Practice: 14
Education: Kings College, Ross University

Dr. Szacki completed her undergraduate degree at Kings College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and received her Degree of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, WI in 2004. In combination with her veterinary education, she jointly shared a semester at the University of Missouri Veterinary Hospital, Columbia MO, from September of 2003 to May of 2004.

During her various tenures within the veterinary school environment, she actively participated in various programs involving animal care and clinic operations.Upon receiving her license to practice veterinary medicine, Dr. Szacki began practicing in 2004, with a variety of clinics and animal care services throughout the city and state of NY, under the auspices of the NYS Department of Health.

Some of her credits include the 5th Avenue Cat Clinic, the Nassau-Suffolk Veterinary Hospital, the SPCA of Westchester and the Animal Care & Control of NYC. She also acted as a consultant to the ASPCA of NYC. With these positions she was intimately involved in every aspect of veterinary medicine including surgeries, vaccinations, and animal infection control and adoption protocols.

Dr. Szacki is now the owner, proprietor and chief veterinarian of the Park Slope Veterinary Center in Brooklyn, NY. She continues to act in a consulting capacity with the SPCA and ACC in both Staten Island and Westchester, NY.

Ann K., Manager

Minnie Red

Years in Practice: 7
Education: Animal Care and Control

Maintaining an almost zen-like calmness, Minnie Red is in the driver’s seat at Park Slope Veterinary Center. Minnie Red wears many hats as the practice manager, medical director, head technician and staff counselor. When the ladies at PSVC are having a bad day, Minnie is the glue that holds the staff together. This furry boy’s charm and ability to spread joy wherever he goes has earned him legions of fans throughout the neighborhood as well as on the internet. Minnie Red loves napping during the day and partying all night. His favorite thing in life are boxes of all shapes and sizes. He has a larger wardrobe than anyone on staff at PSVC and has a weekend home in South Slope.